Welcome to 1 v 1 Soccer Challenge!

Do you have it what it takes?

Many people have asked me the following question, “How do I get my players to be more confident with and without the ball?” Confident to tackle and constructively win possession of the ball from an opponent…Confident to go up for a head ball in heavy traffic in the penalty area…Confident to take a player on…Confident to solve problems on their own when there are no other options!

My answer is very simple…set up 1v1 play at all training sessions as part of your plan. The 1v1 environment does not permit our players to hide; it does not permit our players to Girls_Playingpass the ball off to someone else; and it does not permit our players to rely on someone else to win the ball back for them. I refer to 1v1 activities as “The Golden Activities!”

I have coached both males and females at many different age and ability levels. Their consistent participation in 1v1 activities historically has fostered confidence in their play! Not only has it fostered confidence in their play, but it has fostered improvisation and creativity in their 1v1 battles in training sessions and matches.


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